Guillaume Pepy-Independent director-Chairman of the Management Board of SNCF

Guillaume Pepy

Independent Director. Chairman of the Management Board of SNCF

No dictionary Age63 years old

Date of birth:May.26.1958

Date of initial appointment: July.15.2008

Start date of current mandate: May.22.2014

Termination date of current mandate: General Shareholders’ Meeting which approves the financial statements for the fiscal year ending 31 December, 2017.

Guillaume Pepy, born on May 26, 1958, studied at the École Nationale d’Administration and is a Legal Advisor at the Conseil d’État (France’s highest administrative court).

Guillaume Pepy has performed various functions at SNCF (Director of Main Lines, then Investment, Economy and Strategy Director, and in 2003 Chief Executive Officer) and in ministerial offices
(technical advisor to the office of Michel Charasse, then chief of staff for Michel Durafour and chief of staff for Martine Aubry).

Since February 26, 2008, Guillaume Pepy has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer then Chairman of the Management Board of SNCF.
 Other major offices and positions held during the last five years


Chairman of the Management Board of SNCF
Chairman and CEO of SNCF Mobilités*
Member of the Supervisory Board of Systra*


Expired during the last five years
Various offices held at SNCF group companies


* Companies belonging to the SNCF Group.