Do you ever wonder what has to happen for you to pour a glass of clean drinking water from the tap? Or how North America can produce trillions of gallons of wastewater each year and still protect the environment? SUEZ has the answers. SUEZ provides drinking water and wastewater service to 7 million people each day and delivers water treatment and advanced network solutions to 16,000 industrial and municipal sites. Begin your water treatment plant education here. Explore these pages to learn the resources for water treatment SUEZ taps to keep your family safe and healthy.
Education on Water Treatment: Explore Topics

Whether you’re a consumer, an environmentalist or a civic leader, there’s always a lot to learn about water treatment. Explore these pages to:

  • begin your education on water treatment;
  • learn the basics of wastewater treatment;
  • get the latest science that informs environmental policy;
  • find out what you can do to protect the environment;
  • the requirements of water treatment operator education;
  • and much more!