Wastewater is produced by human activity and can come from household waste or businesses including factories, restaurants, shopping centers, airports, etc. Treated or not, it directly impacts the natural environment into which it is discharged. Managing the growing volume of wastewater creates genuine sanitary and environmental challenges across the globe. Efficient treatment solutions exist, including the possible reuse of treated wastewater. Reused wastewater is not delivered to customers as drinking water, but it can be treated to remove impurities and chemicals, and “designed” to replace water supply.
Your challenges
Population growth, urbanization and new modes of production and consumption are creating a growing amount of wastewater. The disposal of untreated or poorly treated wastewater into the natural environment produces pollution that is catastrophic for biodiversity and the quality of water resources. This is especially apparent in highly populated regions including California, Florida and Texas.
Our solutions

Treating wastewater to replenish sources and protect public health is a vital mission, and SUEZ offers a wide range of innovative services to help recast wastewater as a primary source for agriculture, industrial and commercial purposes. By substituting recycled water for potable water, SUEZ can ease the demand for scarce water supplies. In addition, we partner closely with municipal leaders to define the best solutions to meet their needs and local conditions.

For instance, in areas such as southern California where oil refineries produce massive quantities of wastewater, SUEZ can offer treatment solutions, tailored to meet each refinery’s unique specifications, to avoid pulling water from the source.

In regions affected by water shortages and drought, we have the capabilities to avoid discharges while increasing available resources at a lower cost. In addition, our solutions have been designed to protect biodiversity while meeting stringent health and environmental standards. We find cleaner, greener ways to treat wastewater while limiting plants’ impact on the environment and protecting local residents’ quality of life.

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Wastewater Reuse Facility for Sewage, Burbank, CA | SUEZ North America

Credit: SUEZ North America

Water Recycling Facility, Nassau County, NY | SUEZ North America

Credit: SUEZ North America