Water Well Rehabilitation & Maintenance

Your water supply is one area in which an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. SUEZ provides annual well inspection, testing of well and pump, well cleaning services, water well rehabilitation, and preventative water well maintenance services to extend the service life of your water supply system and provide significant savings in both cost and downtime.

Water Well Maintenance Solutions

Our comprehensive well maintenance approach includes an annual well specific capacity test and water well pump performance test. The data is analyzed by our team of specialists and compared to historical information. A final report is issued that includes recommendations for a custom well maintenance service program designed to meet the individual well requirements. All water well maintenance work is recorded to document the maintenance history of the well which ultimately improves the efficiency of the water system, extending the service life and reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Some of our well maintenance services:

  • Well Maintenance Evaluations / Recommendations
  • Pump Station, Pitless Unit and Water Well Inspections
  • Flow Testing to Record Well & Pump Hydraulics Characteristics
  • Digital Vibration Analysis
  • Megger and Hy-Pot Testing on Motors and Cables
  • Change Electrical Motor & Gear Drive Lubricants
  • Repack & Lubricate Stuffing Box Assemblies
  • Servicing of Auxiliary Engines
  • Down Hole Video Inspections
  • Down Hole Logging Services (Caliper, Alignment, Gamma, etc.)

  • Electrical Inspections (Voltage, Amps, Digital Power Quality Analysis, etc.)
  • Variable Frequency Drive Programming
  • Water Sample Collection & Analysis 
  • Ground Water Profiling (Biological and Chemical water analysis with interpretation and evaluation of the results.)
  • Laser Alignment Services

Well Cleaning and Rehabilitation

It is recommended that water well cleaning is conducted before the specific capacity has dropped. If delayed too long, well rehabilitation to the original condition may become extremely difficult or even impossible. Because all wells are unique, it is critical that the correct well rehabilitation technologies be chosen.


We analyze well pumping data, water quality and well history to determine the proper treatment method to restore the well to its full capabilities. A variety of water well cleaning equipment and technologies are available to customize the approach for any application:

  • Water Well Rehabilitation Technologies (Aqua Freed®, Aqua Gard®, AirBurst®, Hy-RIP®)
  • Acidization/Chemical Treatment
  • Purge block Development (Double Disc Surging)
  • Air/Water High Pressure Jetting
  • Air Development/Air Lift Pumping
  • Specifically-targeted NSF approved chemical water well rehabilitation
  • Blasting for Consolidated Formations