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Supply, installation, maintenance and repair of water well pumps

SUEZ assists customers with pump selection to ensure the best possible equipment is procured for the required capacity and operating conditions of each installation. We provide pump installation services regardless of the horsepower or depth of the well. Our state-of-the-art machine shop/repair facilities can handle the maintenance and repair of any pump style or brand to maximize pump efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Our solutions

Pump supply

We sell and service most all makes and models of pumps that range in production from 2 gallons per/minute to over 5,000 gallons per/minute based on the clients’ needs. Our experienced personnel can assist you with pump selection to ensure you procure the best possible equipment for the required capacity and operating conditions of your installation.

Pump installation and service

We provide high-quality water well pump installation services.

  • Submersible well pumps, water well turbines and large water well booster pumps
  • We can handle any size project from a 1/2hp pump to 1000Hp
  • We ensure pump meets all state and local water well codes
  • Downhole video inspection services
  • We are representatives for many equipment manufacturers (Flow Serve, Layne Christensen Pumps, ITT Goulds, American Marsh, American Turbine, Gycon, Sta-Rite, Red Jacket, Grundfos, Berkley, Peerless, etc.)
  • Submersible and line shaft turbine pumps are custom designed to meet the application of each individual client

Pump maintenance and repairs

Most pumps are high speed, close tolerance machines. When erosive or corrosive wear occurs, efficiency is lost and the potential for costly breakdown exists. With an extensive fleet of modern pump pulling rigs and large machine shop/repair facilities nationwide, we can manage all pump maintenance and repair requirements. Including emergency repair services.

  • Following pump removal, a visual inspection and hazard marking are done prior to delivering the pump to the repair shop.
  • Downhole color video inspections are performed to help evaluate any downhole issues.
  • Our repair shop disassembles, inspects and provides a recommendation for the repair, replacement or overhaul of the pump.
  • We stock a full line of replacement parts and can source all parts needed to handle pumps of any age, size or complexity.
  • Machining or modifications are completed at our state-of-the-art machine shops for quick turnaround while maintaining the highest standards in quality control.
We have a large variety of cranes and pump service rigs with capacities to 150,000 pounds. Including a pump service rig equipped with remote capabilities to pull and install pumping equipment in buildings. Rigs with hydraulic breakout and torque capabilities are available for threaded pump column.
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