Water Well Drilling Services For Municipalities

SUEZ provides an all-inclusive approach to the design and construction of high capacity water wells. Our team of accredited and experienced hydrogeologists, engineers, well drillers, and installers utilize the latest technologies and equipment to design, drill and install site specific wells that produce the maximum sustainable water yield at the lowest total cost.
Well Construction and Drilling Solutions

We provide water well drilling services for a variety of applications:

  • Test holes, tests wells / water quality collection
  • Geological data collection and investigative services
  • Production wells
  • Monitoring wells
  • Extraction and dewatering wells
  • Geothermal
  • Pollution abatement
  • Irrigation Wells
  • Injection and ASR Wells
We can drill and install wells with diameters up to 50-inches and depths to over 4500′.

We utilize the latest water well drilling technologies and equipment including:

  • Rotary Drilling
    This is the most common method of drilling test wells and small diameter production wells due to its drilling speed and efficiency. Boreholes up to 24" are possible using either engineered drilling fluids, water or air to clean the cuttings from the hole. This methodology provides an excellent approach to drilling in consolidated rock formations like limestone and sandstone.
  • Cable Tool Drilling
    Since no drilling fluid or circulation pit is required, cable tool well drilling is often selected for environmental remediation recovery wells and nested monitoring wells. Formation sampling accuracy is excellent, allowing for precise well screen selection. This method is very effective for shallow unconsolidated water supply wells, as well as well reconstruction services.
  • Reverse Circulation Drilling
    In sand and gravel unconsolidated formations, reverse circulation drilling is an effective choice for advancing large diameter boreholes (up to 48") for high capacity well construction. Only clear water is used during the drilling process, avoiding the use of drilling muds that can plug the formation and cause extensive development. This method provides highly accurate formation sampling which ensures proper screen and gravel selection.
  • Geothermal Testing
    Our hydrogeology group is experienced in thermal conductivity testing and reporting, utilizing the GeoCube testing unit and the most up-to-date ground loop design software. We can provide a system that best fits your operational needs:

     - Open and Closed Systems

     - Thermal Conductivity Testing

     - Standing Column Wells

     - Dual tube

     - Conventional mud

Located nationwide, our experienced water well construction services teams apply the highest safety practices, and environmental standards. We provide well construction and drilling services to thousands of high capacity customers across multiple industries including municipal, industrial, agriculture, golf courses, school systems, fire protection, etc.