Population growth and rapid urbanization are causing a steady depreciation of natural resources, pushing groundwater supplies to the limit and raising the cost of raw water. SUEZ provides a comprehensive portfolio of municipal well and pump technologies and services that allow utilities to manage groundwater resources more efficiently and sustainably. Our water well solutions include hydrogeological service, well drilling, pump supply and maintenance, well cleaning and rehabilitation, and an extensive array of additional well services including a one-of-a-kind comprehensive municipal water well preventative maintenance program.
Well Maintenance Challenges

Sustainable and cost-effective water supply management

As a sole source water supply contractor, we provide customers with sustainable, and cost-effective well maintenance solutions for complete water resource development and management.
Our Municipal Well Water Treatment Solutions

Well Drilling Services

We use the latest well drilling technologies and equipment to design, construct and install municipal water wells that produce the maximum sustainable water yield at the lowest total cost for the municipal, industrial and irrigation markets.


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Well Pumps Supply, Installation and Repairs

Maximizing the efficiency of your wells and pumps is critical as energy costs continue to rise. We can handle the maintenance and repair of any and all pumps to maximize water well efficiency and reduce overall operating costs.


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Well Maintenance and Rehabilitation

We offer state of the art municipal well rehabilitation solutions for the repair and maintenance of water supply wells in lieu of abandonment and costly replacement.


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Additional Municipal Well Services

We provide a wide range of services including digital solutions to help manage every aspect of your water well and water supply system.


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