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Water Main Ice Pigging Services

Over time, sediments, biofilms and debris accumulate in water mains and can create water quality issues such as discolored water or odors which can trigger customer complaints. Ice Pigging is a highly-effective and low-risk technology that uses a thick ice slurry to clean municipal water pipes in order to improve water quality, decrease disinfectant demand and reduce energy for pumping.

Water Main Pigging Solutions

SUEZ is the sole source provider in the U.S. of Ice Pigging, a unique pipe cleaning technology that provides the operational advantages of pipe flushing and the cleaning impact of soft pigging.


The innovative process of ice pigging technology involves pumping an ice slurry created on-site into a water main through a hydrant or other existing fitting and using system pressure to push it along the pipe to an exit hydrant. The chemical-free ice pig scours the pipe, removing sediment and built-up deposits, and leaves the pipe clear and obstruction free.

  • Ice pigging water pipes is up to 1000 times more effective at removing sediment and biofilm than traditional flushing
  • Ice slurry can flow through pipes of different diameters, bends, and pipe fittings.
  • Ice slurry is inserted and removed through existing fittings, so no excavation is required.
  • Pipes are typically only isolated for 30 to 180 minutes, depending on the length of pipes to be cleaned.
  • Water main pigging is exceptionally low-risk. Ice blockages in water pipes can be resolved by simply allowing ice to melt. Ice pigging technology does not  use  harmful chemicals.

Value of SUEZ Ice pigging Utility Services

  • OPTIMIZES service life of water networks
  • REDUCES costs of municipal pipe rehabilitation, disinfectant demand and energy for pumping
  • IMPROVES quality of water
  • REDUCES municipal service interruptions for maintenance
  • PROTECTS the public and the environment
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