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Real-time performance management systems

You work hard to optimize your drinking water quality during the treatment process but how much do you know about your water once it leaves the plant? The Aquadvanced suite of software helps optimize your drinking water distribution system, finding leaks, monitoring and maximizing water quality, and improving pumping to lower costs.

Your challenges

Operate a cost-effective distribution network

You operating costs are going up, while revenues are not keeping up with expenses. New water resources are going to be costly, both politically and in CAPEX. You replace assets as quickly as you can afford to, but the average age of your assets is increasing. SUEZ has solutions to monitor your distribution network to find leaks and optimize flushing so that your quality improves while non-revenue water goes down. Analyzing data from all the sensors in your system, Aquadvanced Water Networks looks for anomalies in pressure, flow, acoustic noise, quality, and customer complaints. The filtered, actionable data is presented to the operators in an easy to understand format that allows quick detection of distribution network problems. Real-time hydraulic model data can even be incorporated to further pinpoint water loss or quality problems.

Operate the distribution system optimally

In the past an operator’s job was to meet demand in the system. Now you must still satisfy demand in the system while meeting stringent quality standards. Operators of the future will be asked to do all that, while showing optimal energy use, both for environmental goals and to meet financial targets. Aquadvanced Energy helps the operator minimize energy use while still meeting demand by optimizing the pumping schedules. Having an optimized schedule means that the network operations are more consistent and new operators spend less time in training. The optimizer can adjust to changing system parameters as well as a changing energy market. Being able to manage and predict energy use can even allow your utility to buy lower cost energy from the real time market. Electricity cost tend to be a utility’s second highest expense, after labor.
Our solutions

Take action from complex data

SCADA sensors, GIS, data historian, smart meters, workforce management, CRM… managing drinking water networks efficiently requires massive processing of data coming from multiple sources and systems. Aquadvanced Water Networks gathers and analyses all this data to turn it into valuable decision-making support through a user-friendly interface.

Aquadvanced Water Networks is a modular solution that adapts to the conditions of all types of networks. Depending on the operational objectives and on existing management systems, the solution can be easily enhanced with additional functions. It provides minimal false alarms, easy to interpret alerts, and the ability to analyze deeper to find problems that would go unnoticed without an advanced tool.

High-quality water delivered at minimum cost

Aquadvanced Energy uses available network data to calculate and implement optimized operating schedules for water production and distribution. The Aquadvanced Energy software derives optimization schedules from operational data and current conditions, submits control schedules after verifying the schedule as robust by an internal hydraulic model running an extended period simulation, and can control individual assets in closed loop control, advisory mode, or a mix of both.

Aquadvanced Energy was built by operators for operators. It schedules the pumps at the right time to maximize efficiency and lower costs while meeting demands. Aquadvanced Energy improves water quality by increasing water turnover while improving the consistency of operations. Having an automated system that is recommending efficient, consistent operating schedules decreases new operator training time.


Value of Aquadvanced 

  • REDUCES operational costs
  • ENSURES consistent operational efficiency and water security 24 hours a day
  • OPERATES pumps at best efficiency points
  • IMPROVES water quality
  • PROVIDES enhanced decision support
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