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Cleaning force mains and siphons quickly and effectively

Over time, materials present in sewage can cause decreased flow rates and in more severe cases, could result in flooding of wet wells and discharge of sewage into the environment or properties close by. Our Ice Pigging technology is a highly effective method of removing sediments, gravel and other materials from wastewater pipelines and is a unique solution for pumped sewers. Ice pigging is fast, effective and exceptionally low-risk.
Our solutions
Ice Pigging is a simple process: an ice delivery unit pumps ice through either the non-return valve located at the pumping station, or via any fitting on the pipe to form a pig of ice in the pumped sewer. Once the ice has been inserted, the wet well pump can be used to push the ice pig through the full length of the pipe. If the wet well pump is insufficiently rated, an external pump and water supply can be used. At the collection outlet, the dirty ice and waste material is discharged into a sewer or can also be collected with a suction waste tanker. The pipe is then returned to service.

Our Ice pigging technique is:

  • Fast - generally ice is inserted and removed through existing fittings, no excavation required.
  • Effective - flows through all diameters, fittings and bends of pipes. Uses 50% less water than flushing or swabbing.
  • Low risk - if the ice ever gets stuck, it will simply melt.

Value of Ice Pigging

  • REDUCES risk of sewage flooding into environment or properties close-by
  • REDUCES energy costs from pumping efficiencies¬†
  • MINIMIZES operational disruption and costs for maintenance (no excavation needed, uses 50% less water than flushing or swabbing)
  • PROTECTS pipework (less stress due to pumps working at design specification)
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