Restore concrete structures for long term protection

In wastewater facilities, concrete structures can quickly degrade for multiple reasons including chloride ion-induced corrosion, chemical attack, abrasion erosion, freeze-thaw conditions, and more. Our asset management program is designed to restore concrete assets to like-new condition and then protect them with high performance coatings to extend their service life. With our Concrete Assets Management Program, concrete infrastructure is routinely and properly maintained to last indefinitely. 
Our solutions

Our Concrete Assets Management Program is custom-designed for each specific asset and executed by our experienced field crews in accordance with all OSHA regulations. Our program includes:

  • Annual asset inspections with detailed reports. The visual survey of the condition of substrates and coatings helps identify signs of concrete distress. If necessary, samples are collected for testing.
  • Evaluation and planning for short and long-term maintenance needs.
  • Interior chemical cleaning and disinfection as needed
  • Preventative maintenance to performed rehabilitation
  • All coatings as applicable
  • All future costs are pre-defined for predictable budgeting 
  • Annual inspections, coating and repairs specifically tailored to the asset’s needs
  • We assume all risks for keeping the asset functional, safe, and within applicable code

Value of the SUEZ Concrete Asset Management Program

  • EXTENDS the service life of your asset while minimizing maintenance costs
  • MAINTAINS the value of your asset; sustainable alternative to demolition and new construction
  • KEEPS your concrete asset compliant with all applicable regulations
  • PROVIDES cost certainty
  • TRANSFERS 100% maintenance risk to SUEZ