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A safe and sustainable biosolids drying solution

Our STC Biosolids Dryer is a low temperature dryer system that allows reduction in volume from both industrial and urban sludge coming from wastewater treatment plants and several industry processes. The resulting dried sludge is turned into a highly valued and marketable product that can be easily transported, used for agricultural fertilizing applications or as an alternative fuel.
Our solutions

Easy to use (start and stop system), our STC Biosolids Dryer is a fully-tested, factory-assembled modular system which can easily adjust to meet the growing needs of expanding wastewater plants. Each module can run independently, and all parts are easy to access, thus maintenance can be performed without interrupting the process.

Our STC unit is a safe drying solution that uses a hot water circuit, eliminating the risks inherent to thermal oil and high-pressure systems. The biosolids enter the dryer through a collection hopper and are distributed homogeneously onto the belt. The belt then moves the biosolids inside a closed air loop where the moisture is condensed to extract the water. After drying, the final EPA 503 Class AEQ product can be easily transported with a guarantee of 90% dried solids content.

Our STC Biosolids Dryer is a reliable and energy efficient system. The belt is covered throughout the entire process which minimizes noise and prevents dust and obstructions; no special control is required for odor or emissions. An extruder facilitates air flow and heat transfer inside the tunnel to maximize energy efficiency. Plus, the system can reuse any waste heat, allowing the dryer to work with a hot water circuit at 195° F (90°C).

Value of STC Biosolids Dryer

  • OPTIMIZES value with a highly marketable EPA 503 Class AEQ product with 90% dry solids content
  • MAXIMIZES safety with a low temperature, hot water circuit drying process; zero risk of explosion or fire
  • OPTIMIZES operations with a factory assembled, modular system easy to install and maintain
  • MAXIMIZE energy efficiency; system can reuse any waste heat
  • REDUCE environmental impact; fully enclosed unit ensures dust-free process, minimizes emissions, odors and noise
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