Plug and play solution to optimize sludge dewatering process

With the FlocFormer, we provide a fully automatic plug in device, which improves sludge management from economic and environmental standpoints.
Our solutions
FlocFormer from SUEZ is a fully automatic plug-in device installed prior to any new or existing dewatering system. The technology is applicable to all types of dewatering systems (belt filter press, centrifuge, screw press, etc.) and improves sludge management from economic and environmental standpoints. The patent protected technology improves dry solids content of sludge cake and reduces polymer dose for dewatering.

FlocFormer technology is a two-stage process; first digested or thickened sludge and polymer are injected into a rapid mixer. Then two concentric cones to press the sludge as it flows up the device. Mixing improves density and stability, while pressure develops pelleting and compacting. Several adjustable operating parameters allow the unit to adapt to different flows, sludge and dewatering system; optimizing floc formation.

The result is a flocculated sludge made of compact and mechanically resistant flocs, enhanced for further dewatering.


Value of FlocFormer

  • IMPROVES dewatering device dry solids content; up to 25% with any standard dewatering unit
  • REDUCES hauling/disposal costs due to decreased sludge volumes and higher dried solid content
  • IMPROVES energy savings in drying projects
  • OPTIMIZES polymer usage; up to 30% reduction
  • ENHANCES filtrate quality, reducing nutrient load back to the influent of the plant