Municipal Water Tank Repair & Rehabilitation

Municipal Water storage tanks are large capital assets for any water system, but wear and tear and deferred maintenance can lead to potentially serious issues, which is why it is vital to have expert water storage tank repair services at the ready. During routine tank condition assessments to review safety, sanitation, structure, security and coatings condition of a municipal water storage tank, it is not uncommon to find minor damage and tank components in need of repair.
Common Municipal Water Storage Tank Issues
SUEZ’ experienced water tank repair experts can fix any minor issue – coating failure, cracking, pitting, corrosion, and more – or perform major structural water tank/tower repairs to restore your tank to like new condition. Repairing rather than replacing your tank lowers capital investment and increases environmental sustainability.
Our Water Tank Repair Solutions

SUEZ’ experienced water tank rehabilitation and maintenance crews can perform condition assessments, washouts, recoats and minor tank repairs as well as plan and execute comprehensive rehabilitation of your water storage tank to repair it to full operability. All repairs and improvements are OSHA compliant.


We provide bypass solutions for tanks which cannot be emptied without compromising overall system pressure or disrupting water supply to end users. All our protective coatings are compliant with AWWA and SSPC (Society for Protective Coatings) specifications; some meet zero VOC requirements. Washouts and recoats are performed in compliance with all applicable safety regulations including lead abatement and containment.

Heavy structural water tower repairs including installation of new roofs, tank ‘jacking’, tank floors, new risers and other structural repairs are performed under the supervision of our in-house engineering department or partner engineering firms.

SUEZ Water Tower Repair

Your municipal water storage tank reflects your image to the public. A well-maintained and attractive water tank speaks volumes about your organization and its commitment to safety and cleanliness. SUEZ experts can perform modifications and repairs to your water storage tank in order to restore it to full operability. Repairing rather than replacing, lowers investments and is more environmentally sustainable.

SUEZ municipal water tank repairs can include tank relocations, raising and lowering of tanks--a solution to capacity and water pressure issues, roll and dish plates for roofs, shells and bowls, and roof replacements. Our in-house experts can manage all aspects, including: engineering, design, fabrication and field installation.


For ongoing assistance and preventative services, SUEZ also offers a full service water tank maintenance program. This long term sustainable solution makes budgeting easier by spreading out the initial water tank rehabilitation cost over a few years if necessary and all future interior and exterior renovation costs are included. Our full service maintenance program also ensures single source responsibility and no change orders.


Value of SUEZ Water Storage Tank Repair Services:

  • EXTENDs the service life of your asset
  • KEEPS your water tank compliant with all applicable safety and sanitary regulations
  • LOWERS capital investment
  • IMPROVES environmental sustainability

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