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Water Tank Condition Assessment & Cleaning

Biofilm and inorganic residues can collect on the interior surfaces of potable water storage tanks and can lead to taste and odor complaints, regulatory compliance issues, and system function problems. SUEZ’ highly-experienced and specially trained field crews can perform thorough water tank inspection services, maintenance services, washouts, and chemical cleanings/ disinfections to keep water tanks and towers in like new condition, minimizing system down-time and maximizing water quality. Supported by a network of 20 service centers nationwide, SUEZ's municipal tank services are delivered in compliance with all AWWA, NFPA, and OSHA regulatory codes.
Our Solutions

Water Tank Inspection Services

Annual visual water tank inspections, regular cleanings/disinfections and timely repairs extend the life of your tank and eliminate the need for emergency repair funds, supporting GASB 34 compliance. SUEZ’ experienced crews perform thousands of tank condition assessments every year and provide, after each inspection, a detailed report on the tank safety, sanitation, structure, security and coatings conditions so no potential water tank maintenance issue is overlooked.
Drone water tower inspections use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV or drones) to safely inspect water tanks from outside of the locked fence. When necessary, SUEZ also utilizes remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROV) to inspect the interior of water tanks for visible signs of failures or deterioration. A remote monitor is available during the ROV inspection and a DVD of the interior surface conditions is included in the final tank inspection report provided to the customer.

Municipal Water Tank Cleaning


Our water tower cleaning services also include periodically draining, cleaning and recoating the inside of municipal tanks to maintain a high level of water quality by eliminating mineral buildup and biofilm growth. We provide bypass solutions for tanks which cannot be emptied without compromising system pressure or disrupting water supply. All protective coatings are compliant with AWWA and SSPC specifications; some meet zero VOC requirements. SUEZ washouts and recoats are performed in compliance with all applicable OSHA safety regulations including lead abatement and containment. As an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certified company, we continuously strive to improve our operational efficiency to exceed customer expectations.


Value of SUEZ Tank Condition Assessment and Cleaning Services:

  • EXTENDS tank service life
  • IMPROVES water quality
  • FACILITATES regulatory compliance
  • REDUCES operation and maintenance costs


Contact us to learn more about our tank condition assessment and cleaning directly from a representative.

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