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Water Storage Tank Asset Management

Extend the service life of steel storage tanks while reducing maintenance costs

Many water system managers don’t realize the financial investment they have in their storage tanks.  These key distribution system components often receive the least attention and yet, they can potentially experience serious issues. Contamination from animals or debris, corrosion and other issues can trigger customer complaints, regulatory compliance violations and costly service disruptions. Our asset management program guarantees that the routine inspection and maintenance of your tank never falls behind, improving the long-term performance and reliability of your system while enhancing water quality.

Our solutions

The SUEZ Tank Asset Management Program is a turn-key solution that keeps storage tanks in good operating condition and fully compliant with all applicable safety and sanitary regulations.


We first restore the tank to its like-new condition, then take full responsibility of its maintenance for the long term. Each contract is designed and executed based on the specific requirements of the customer and the condition of the asset. Our program also means a single point of contact for all your service needs.

  • Our tank asset management program addresses all the needs of a potable water storage tank (safety, structure, sanitation, security and coatings) so no potential issue is overlooked.
  • A preventative maintenance approach supports GASB 34 compliance which can significantly lower depreciation costs. Annual tank condition assessments with detailed reports, periodic interior cleanings/disinfections, and preventative maintenance after initial rehabilitation extend the life of the tank indefinitely and eliminate the need for emergency repair funds.
  • Our sustainable solution also makes budgeting easier as initial repair costs can be spread out over a few years if necessary and all future interior and exterior renovation costs are included. No change orders.
  • Artwork and logo design and application are included. 
  • As per the terms of our maintenance program, emergency services are provided within 48 hours. 
  • Lifetime warranty on all coatings and repairs while on the program.

Value of our Tank Asset Management Program  

  • EXTENDS the service life of your asset
  • KEEPS your water tank compliant with all applicable safety and sanitary regulations
  • PROVIDES cost certainty with consistent annual fees eliminating unplanned expenditures
  • TRANSFERS maintenance risk to SUEZ
  • MAINTAINS the value of your asset

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