Pump Station Monitoring

SUEZ believes in keeping data accurate and useful. The better the data is, the better equipped you are to make the right decision. That is why we use remote pump station monitoring systems to collect data throughout your system. We can track pump run time, pump cycles, wastewater flow rates, drawdown times, inflow and rainfall.
Pump Station Monitoring

3 Key Benefits of Pump Station Monitoring

  • Reduces Spills: Let's you respond to - and often prevent - environmental crises.  
  • Allows Remote Monitoring and Data Collection: The better the data, the better your experience.
  • Reduces Costs: Low-cost components help avoid big-ticket cleanup costs and fines.   

SUEZ’ remote pump station monitors serve as a low-cost alternative to costly SCADA systems, performing many of the same functions at a fraction of the cost.

This technology notifies SUEZ of emergency situations such as pump failures or power outages at an early stage, avoiding potential environmental incidents. Remote monitors have been key to impressive service improvements in many locations, including Bayonne, NJ and Nassau County, NY.

How does SUEZ' Pump Station Monitoring work?

Monitors are installed at pump stations and send wireless signals to a local cellular tower.

The units are fully integrated, eliminating the need for additional radios, modems, relays and other accessories. Different-strength antennae are available to ensure the signal can work with the cellular service in your area.

Those signals are forwarded to a web interface, where our operators and municipal partners can log on and see how each pump station is operating.

The platform is offered as an annual service over the internet, to allow the most user friendly experience possible.

If a lift station alarm is trigged by a high wet well level, power outage or pump failure, the pump station monitor immediately warns operators via e-mail, text or call to the standby phone.

Immediate notification allows workers to correct the situation and avoid costly, environmental problems.

Your city ad ratepayers deserver a reliable collection system with fewer blockages, overflows and disruptions. SUEZ is committed to deploying the most efficient tools to make your infrastructure more resilient and therefor more affordable to your customers.

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