RapidSMART™ Sewer System

RapidSMART sewer flow monitoring services and solutions from SUEZ help reduce overflows and improve efficiency. Learn more from a representative today.

SUEZ’ RapidSMART™ Sewer Solutions provide a complete package of preventative and restorative technologies for municipal sewage collection systems. Offering best-in-class solutions for sewer flow monitoring, RapidSMART minimizes disruption to wastewater and stormwater networks by allowing municipal operators to predict and avoid problems in their wastewater networks before they occur.

SUEZ’ RapidSMART™ Sewer Solutions help operators improve the knowledge of their distribution and collection systems, improve the quality of life of their customers and protect infrastructure investments. Communities that have implemented SUEZ’ RapidSMART™ Sewer Solutions have seen a marked reduction in sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs), improved sewer efficiency and extended life for their assets. Having sewer monitoring expertise and state-of-the-art sewer flow monitoring equipment is crucial in today’s context of aging infrastructures, increasing regulations and customer requirements for transparency.

SUEZ’ tools include: Trenchless Pipe Repair, Smart Manhole Covers, Pump Station Monitors, Acoustic Inspections, Asset Planning, and Geographic Information Systems. Read on to learn more about each of SUEZ’ RapidSMART™ Sewer Solutions.

What is a Sewer Flow Meter
By measuring the volume of water passing through a specific checkpoint and the speed with which that volume rises or falls, SUEZ’ RapidSMART™ sewage flow meter provides operators with early warning and the time necessary to prevent failures.

Sewer flow monitoring begins with SUEZ’ Smart Manhole Covers, which send water level measurements from sensor-equipped manhole covers to a web platform via satellite communication. Software on the back end takes that data and produces sanitary sewer flow calculations. With those calculations, technicians can dispatch emergency crews at any hour in case of rising water levels. The technology also allows SUEZ to find the sources of Inflow and Infiltration (I&I), which are a major concern for utilities, for future remediation.

3 Key Benefits of SUEZ RapidSMART™ Sewer System 

  • Reduces Sanitary Sewer Overflows
  • Improves Sewer Efficiency
  • Extends Life of the Asset

Risk-based Rehabilitation Programming for Sewer Systems

Using SUEZ’ asset management software, utilities can develop capital improvement plans with risk-based prioritized actions. The tool first calculates each pipe’s overall risk of structural failure, considering such variables as age, material, diameter or proximity to critical infrastructures. Depending on the defects identified during video inspections and the calculated risk, a rehabilitation action is assigned to the pipe segments. It can also be integrated with GIS tools to geospatially plot assets into capital improvement plans.

Smart Manhole Cover for Sewage Flow Monitoring

Smart manhole covers actively manage stormwater and wastewater collection systems, reducing sewer backups and sanitary sewer overflows, and monitor for combined sewer overflows. The system works by sending water level measurements from sensor-equipped manhole covers to a web platform via satellite communication. The real-time sewer level measurements provide SUEZ with early warning and the time necessary to prevent wastewater backups and overflows. The technology also allows SUEZ to find the sources of Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) which can be a major concern for municipal wastewater utilities.

Trenchless Pipe Repair

Using trenchless pipe repair, SUEZ can repair damaged sewer pipes without excavating the street. The system works by first inserting an expandable stainless steel sleeve into the damaged pipe. Once inside the pipe, a robotic crawler delivers the sleeve to the damaged area of pipe. The sleeve is then expanded pneumatically (6 to 32 inches diameter) and permanently locked into position.

Pump Station Monitoring

SUEZ’ remote pump station monitors track sewage pump run times, cycles and flow rates, and alert users of malfunctions. These monitors serve as a lower-cost solution where a full-scale SCADA system isn’t a good fit. Pump station monitors send data via cellular communication to a web interface where operators can see in real-time how each pump station is operating. When an alarm occurs at a monitored station, a notification is sent to identified operators to correct the issue and avoid costly environmental incidents.

Acoustic Inspection Technologies

SUEZ can provide real-time collection system blockage assessments before they cause sewer overflows. Using acoustic inspection technologies, SUEZ can assess and prioritize sewer lines that need maintenance throughout the collection system. This allows cleaning efforts and remediation work to be targeted at the problem area.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

SUEZ incorporates geographic information system (GIS) software to capture, analyze and leverage spatial and geographic data into workforce management, asset management, customer service and other advanced systems. This allows SUEZ and its customers to operate with peak data efficiency, providing a superior customer experience.

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