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Spray-in-Place Pipe Relining & Rehabilitation

Repair aging underground pipes with minimal costs and system downtime

Cleaning and repairing deteriorated water or sewer pipelines helps improve system efficiency and protects both your community and the environment. The task can be daunting and expensive especially when excavation is required.


SUEZ provides an innovative spray in place pipe rehabilitation (SIPP) process that scrubs underground pipes clean before applying an epoxy lining for in-situ pipe repair. Once cured, the epoxy lining provides long-lasting protection to your sewer or water pipes, which helps reduce the frequency of maintenance and pipe replacement. This no-dig pipe rehabilitation technology minimizes maintenance costs, and system down-time.

Our Pipe Relining Solutions
SUEZ spray-in-place pipe rehabilitation process (SIPP) is an efficient and long-lasting pipe rehabilitation solution that uses a spray nozzle attached to a state-of-the-art, computer-controlled robot to apply an internal epoxy pipe lining in-situ. No major road or sidewalk tear-ups are necessary. Once cured, the lining seals the pipe, preventing leaks and water contamination, improving flow capacity and minimizing future maintenance costs. This rehabilitation technology works on pipes made of different materials and ranging from 1 ¼ inches to 72 inches in diameter, both vertical and horizontal.

Value of SUEZ spray in place pipe rehabilitation & relining solutions:

  • EXTENDS service life of water or sewer pipelines
  • REDUCES frequency of maintenance, minimizes repair costs and system down-time
  • ENHANCES flow capacity and system efficiency
  • PREVENTS leaks and water contamination
  • PROTECTS against future corrosion and degradation, eliminates leaching of lead from soldered joints


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