Pipe Asset Management Program

Optimize the use of your pipe renewal budget to meet the needs of aging infrastructure and comply with regulatory requirements

Our Pipe Asset Management Program helps you optimize the use of your annual pipe renewal budget. We identify and prioritize work on the most critical pipes in your system and leverage our proven operational expertise and extensive portfolio of condition assessment and rehabilitation technologies to execute the most cost-effective corrective action for each pipe. The result? We optimize your ROI, investing in the right place with the right technology to increase your pipe renewal ratio.

Our solutions

Our Pipe Asset Management Program is a strategic process that helps optimize infrastructure investments by identifying and prioritizing work on the most critical underground assets in your system.
We use state-of-the-art machine learning and other technologies to estimate the condition of your network in terms of business risk. Then we schedule an inspection in the top priority areas to determine the condition of your pipes before deciding on the corrective action for each pipe segment: clean, repair, replace or defer. Addressing those critical assets first drives down operational costs and reduces main break rates. Our experienced field crews execute the planned pipe rehabilitation and replacement work using our extensive portfolio of maintenance technologies.

Value of SUEZ Pipe Asset Management Program

  • REDUCES investment needs (decisions based on pipes actual condition, no guesses)
  • ELIMINATES expenses in the wrong places
  • MINIMIZES risks by targeting most critical assets
  • EXTENDS the life of your distribution and transmission network

Examples of municipal pipe service technologies we use:

Collect structural data on underground pipes without disruption to roadways or water supply

The ePulse® pipe condition assessment process is a valuable tool to confirm pipe replacement recommendations based primarily on assumptions and computer models. This non-invasive technology uses acoustic signals and advanced computer algorithms to measure the average minimum remaining wall thickness of water mains, thus providing accurate structural information to optimize pipe repair and replacement programs and improve capital spending.

Clean water mains quickly and cost-efficiently

Ice Pigging is a unique pipe cleaning technology that provides the operational advantages of flushing and the cleaning impact of soft pigging. The process involves pumping an ice slurry created on-site into a water main through a hydrant or other existing fitting and using system pressure to push it along the pipe to an exit hydrant. The chemical-free ice pig scours the pipe, removing sediment and built-up deposits, and leaves the pipe clear and obstruction free.

Extend the service life of municipal water pipes while minimizing maintenance costs and system down-time

Our spray-in-place pipe rehabilitation process (SIPP) uses a computer-controlled, state-of-the-art robotic spray application rig to apply an internal epoxy pipe lining in-situ. No road or sidewalk tear-ups are necessary. Once cured, the epoxy lining seals the pipe, preventing leaks and water contamination, improving flow capacity and minimizing future maintenance needs. This trenchless rehabilitation technology works on pipes ranging from 1 ¼ inches to 72 inches in diameter, both vertical and horizontal. The two-component 100% solid epoxy system used to coat water distribution systems meets ANSI/NSF 61 standards.