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Repairing or replacing aging underground water infrastructure requires significant investment, and can especially be a daunting task for smaller systems. A lack of resources and personnel can limit the frequency of testing, monitoring, and maintenance. SUEZ provides multiple services that help optimize budgets while improving the sustainability of buried infrastructure.
Your challenges

Extend the life of your system, even on a budget

Deteriorating pipe assets are a growing issue. Pipe failures impact service, while potentially causing damage, affecting traffic, and contaminating water. SUEZ technologies and services allow utilities to implement a proactive pipe asset management approach. An approach based on active pipe condition assessments and corrective actions tailored to the known condition of each pipe. This allows you to use your resources wisely to improve the sustainability of your water distribution system.
Our solutions

Pipe Condition Assessment

Implementing a pipe repair and replacement program based solely on assumptions or desktop studies can result in costly errors like replacing pipes that still have years of service life remaining. The SUEZ pipe condition assessment is a process that helps utilities target the most critical pipes in their system and allocate budgets to the appropriate corrective action – replace, rehab, repair or defer – to reduce capital spending.

Spray-in-Place Pipe Rehabilitation

Water main replacement often means system downtime, costly road/sidewalk tear-ups, and traffic disruption. The spray-in-place rehabilitation process provided by SUEZ allows you to clean and restore deteriorating pipes before they reach the tipping point. This innovative process uses a computer-controlled robot to apply a pipe lining in-situ, increasing flow capacity and system efficiency and providing long-lasting protection.

Pipe Asset Management Program

A variety of factors - from material, pressure and size to soil type and climate conditions - affect how long a pipe will continue to function after it’s installed in your system. Since it’s so hard to anticipate which pipes will burst, half of the pipes typically replaced by water utilities today are still in good shape. Now there’s a better alternative — Pipe Asset Management from SUEZ. Our annual network evaluation program, combined with strategic pipeline condition assessment, help us predict what pipes are most likely to fail. This allows you to devote your resources where they’re needed, instead of digging up and replacing pipes that still have years of service life remaining.
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