Customer service is one of the most important aspects of running any system. This is especially important for a water system where people may have limited options to choose from. Providing an efficient and convenient way for customers to make payments, have their questions answered and manage their own water consumption is essential to keeping your customers happy, and you need a team that can provide a full customer service experience.
Your challenges
Having the bandwidth to take care of thousands of customers that may live in any given municipality is a challenge when you’re in an area with aging infrastructure and workforce. Some areas may not have the means to revitalize these areas efficiently without taking on more debt than they already have.
Our solutions
SUEZ’ experience in all aspects of customer service and revenue management is extensive. We operate over 13 customer service centers of varying sizes across the U.S. to support both our 15 contract operations and 8 regulated utilities, providing services to nearly 750,000 customers. We also tailor our services packages to suit your unique requirements. In all opportunities, our end goal is a more positive customer experience, and aim to evolve our billing and other customer related systems for future needs.

When we begin the process of integrating our platform with a local customer service system, we begin with a thorough assessment of where the system is struggling. Once those pain points are identified, we can determine how and where to make improvements. Our robust customer website allows customers a more interactive experience with our company, including managing bills effectively, understanding their own water consumption, tips to conserve water to help them save money, and address any special billing services they may need.