Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance Services

Extend service life of wastewater treatment plant assets,
while minimizing system downtime and long-term replacement costs


Wastewater treatment plants are some of the most challenging environments due to the aggressive nature of the material treated. Organic matter, bacteria, suspended solids, aggressive gases etc. present difficult challenges for treatment facilities, pipelines and pumping stations. Steel and concrete assets in these facilities are subject to harsh conditions. SUEZ offers a wide range of management and assessment services to ensure efficient, safe, and continuous protection of your treatment plant assets.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Management Services and Solutions

Wastewater treatment is intended to remove contaminants from water, to produce clean water, and generate solid waste that is suitable for reuse or discharge into the environment. Steel and concrete assets in wastewater treatment plants are subject to very demanding conditions including:


  • The usual long-term threats to reinforced concrete: carbon dioxide, acid and freeze-thaw cycles
  • Turbulent flows and suspended solids that can cause abrasion and erosion
  • High sulfate levels and biogenically induced acid that create aggressive environments
The treatment process can lead to rapid deterioration of concrete surfaces and corrosion of concrete reinforcement and steel structures.

SUEZ provides multiple management solutions to extend the service life of treatment plant assets, while minimizing maintenance downtime and reducing long-term replacement costs. We restore treatment plant assets to their design specifications and protect them with high-performance coating and lining systems for long-term viability. Each step in wastewater treatment requires a specific approach. Our repair, protection, cleaning and rehabilitation solutions are custom-tailored to the chemical and mechanical aggressiveness of each system’s process. Our services include:

Plant Condition Assessments - Our experts work with the treatment plant owner in the discovering and developing of a comprehensive condition assessment based on each asset within the facility. Cracks, surface defects, spalling, or any other sign of concrete or steel distress is recorded along with relevant information on the asset itself (physical exposure, chemical exposure, temperature conditions, etc.) If necessary, samples are collected to conduct additional tests before developing a repair specification.

Custom-Designed Plant Rehabilitation Services. As a global industry leader, SUEZ has a proven expertise in designing, building, operating and maintaining treatment plant facilities worldwide. Our in-house experts can assist you in developing a rehabilitation solution tailored to the specific needs and requirements of your system. Whether it is concrete rebar, a structural component of a clarifier, or
any other treatment plant asset, our experienced field crews can clean, repair, prep all surfaces of the asset, and apply specific high-performance coatings/linings for long-term protection.

Recommended Upgrades and Ancillary Services. Thanks to SUEZ extensive portfolio of innovative technologies and services –including pipe rehabilitation, wells services, or smart metering to name just a few, SUEZ experts can recommend upgrades and ancillary services (e.g. denitrification, blowers, aeration basins, lighting, etc.) to improve your treatment plant's operations and generate additional savings.

SUEZ also offers a one-of-a-kind Treatment Plant Asset Management Program. This innovative program is a turnkey proposal that includes a single-source responsibility for all scopes and trades. We rehabilitate wastewater treatment plant assets to fit-for-purpose condition and provide routine maintenance and lifetime, protective coating warranties to keep assets operational for the long-term. The annual cost of the SUEZ Asset Management program is pre-determined for easy budgeting and includes future repairs so you do not have to worry about large expenditures for crisis management. We can also recommend upgrades and/or additional services to optimize the operation of your treatment plant and generate savings.

Value of our Wastewater Treatment Plant Management Services

  • Extends the service life of treatment plant assets while minimizing maintenance costs
  • Maintains the value of your treatment plant assets; sustainable alternative to demolition and new construction
  • Reduces risk of system interruptions
  • Minimizes risks of large expenditures for crisis management