Commitment to resource protection and sustainability has led to an increased need in asset management for water and wastewater treatment plants. As a dependable partner, we work with our customers to protect their assets, including concrete water storage tanks, and maintain operations. The treatment process can lead to rapid deterioration of concrete surfaces and corrosion of concrete reinforcement and steel structures. SUEZ services provide suitable protection to extend the life cycle of these critical assets, reducing maintenance downtime and long-term replacement costs.
Concrete Water Tank Maintenance

Keep concrete water storage tanks functional, safe and within applicable code

Often labeled ‘maintenance free', concrete water storage tanks do require maintenance. Concrete is a very porous material, which lends to possible leaks and cracks. When uncoated, concrete is susceptible to biofilm buildup. Our concrete tank services are designed to restore and keep concrete water storage tanks in fit-for-purpose condition. With preventative maintenance and high-performance coatings, we help extend the service life of these large capital assets and prevent water quality issues.


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Ensure continuous protection of your wastewater treatment assets

The presence of organic matter, suspended solids, bacteria, and other pathogens makes keeping wastewater treatment assets safe and efficient quite difficult. That’s why SUEZ offers a wide range of services to protect and maintain wastewater treatment facilities, pipelines and pumping stations.

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Maintain optimal performance of your water treatment plant while minimizing operational and maintenance costs

During typical granular filtration processes, chemical reactions and microscopic bacteria create deposits that affect water quality and generate operational problems. In addition, organic buildup (biofilm) can increase disinfection requirement. SUEZ filter plant services ensure the long-term performance and reliability of your treatment facility and help maintain water quality.

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