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Increase reliability and improve performance

Your water supply is precious. You have made a substantial investment by drilling wells and purchasing the pumping equipment that suits your needs. Over time, your wells and pumps may no longer perform as designed. We developed the Well Asset Management Program, a sustainable solution to help operators increase the reliability and improve the performance of their water supply system long-term.

Our solutions

Our Water Well Asset Management Program is an innovative and sustainable alternative to the traditional run-to-failure approach. Our comprehensive program includes:

  • Comprehensive condition assessment
  • Custom-tailored well rehabilitation
  • Annual well & pump inspection/reporting
  • Time based preventative well cleaning
  • Pump/motor repair and replacement (as required)
  • Future rehabilitation
  • Emergency service

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Our all-inclusive program improves the reliability of your well, preventing untimely service disruptions and costly repairs. It also guarantees well performance, so you can run your operations worry-free. The program is easy to budget as all the services are bundled into one contract and provided a set annual cost. The upfront well rehabilitation costs can be spread over a few years if necessary.

  • Periodically inspecting, cleaning and maintaining all well components reduces downtime due to failures, makes your well more reliable, and extends its service life.
  • We use the unique Aqua Gard® CO2 technology which incorporates the permanent placement of energy injection equipment in the well alongside the pump, so scheduled well cleanings can be performed quickly without removing the pump.
  • The proactive maintenance of the well prevents buildup of mineralization and biofilm inside the well which keeps water quality consistent and maintains a greater flow. 
  • Pump and motor repairs and replacement optimize pump efficiency, reducing energy costs and carbon footprint.
  • Our water well asset management program mitigates the risk of production losses due to fouling and covers all maintenance parts and labor, so you don’t have to carry an expensive inventory or hire a dedicated resource.
  • The InSight cloud-based asset performance management (APM) solution enables remote monitoring of wells across a geographically dispersed area and provides at a glance access to multiple data - GPM, DP, water levels, power consumption, calculations, and more - through a customized dashboard.

Value of the Water Well Asset Management Program

  • INCREASES asset reliability
  • IMPROVES well performance
  • REDUCES operational costs
  • EXTENDS asset life
  • TRANSFERS 100% maintenance risk to Suez
  • PROVIDES a perpetual warranty for well capacity and pump performance
  • INCLUDES InSight, cloud-based Asset Performance Management solution
  • PROVIDES a flat fix annual fee covering all services
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