Water Treatment Plant Asset Management Program

Like other pieces of water infrastructure, filter plants nationwide are facing serious challenges due to aging. Overlooking the maintenance of these critical facilities can result in water quality issues and increased operational expenses. During typical granular filtration processes, chemical reactions and microscopic bacteria create deposits that affect water quality and generate operational problems. In addition, organic buildup (biofilm) can increase disinfection requirements. SUEZ’ filter plant asset management program guarantees that the routine inspection and maintenance of your filter plant never falls behind, improving its long-term performance and reliability, and maintaining water quality.
Our Treatment Plant Asset Management Program solutions

We can handle all your filter plant needs from a one-time media cleaning to full filter house rehabilitation and maintenance. Our goal is to restore your treatment plant to its design specifications, improving the return on your large capital investment, and to lower your maintenance and operational costs from excessive backwashing, chemical dosing, or lost production.

Water Treatment Plant Reports

Through our annual inspections with detailed reports, we observe, and record filter run times, backwash cycles, backwash bed expansion, backwash turbidity analysis, floc retention testing, freeboard measurements, media depth measurements and the condition of filter components including, valves and actuators, surface wash sweeps, underdrain, etc., to recommend an appropriate corrective action.

Chemical cleanings, filter media replacement, concrete and steel rehabilitation, underdrains and filter equipment repair, and upgrades as needed.

Work performed in accordance with AWWA procedures and ANSI standards.

Value of SUEZ filter plant asset management program

  • Extends the service life of your filter system and improves your return on your capital investment
  • Maintains regulatory compliance of your filter system
  • Increases filter capacity and extends media life
  • Reduces maintenance and operational costs


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