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Street sweeping plays a vital role in removing litter and preventing pollutants from entering the environment. Mechanical sweeper trucks are highly specialized to deep clean surfaces in order to remove dirt and toxins from our streets and keep pollutants out of our stormwater systems.
Your challenges

When it comes to keeping your streets neat and tidy, street cleaning can present a number of issues. Designating the man power and maintaining the machinery can take focus away from other major maintenance issues. It also may cut down on the scheduling of street cleaning services, making them less frequent and therefore less effective.

Our solutions

Finding the right street sweeping service to meet the needs of your municipality can be overwhelming, especially when you’re busy managing multiple contracts. That’s why SUEZ is here to help you find the best solution to get the job done. We can help develop a cost-effective plan with an experienced staff and modern equipment to fit your needs.

Our references

A Clean Sweep in Holyoke

Through our partnership with Holyoke, MA, we’ve been keeping local streets clean and neat for local residents. With over 164 curb miles to cover, our teams have worked hard to remove 1,500 tons of debris per year! Our street sweeping team is a concise and efficient group, operating five days a week for the initial sweep, followed by a three day a week pattern to keep up with regular maintenance. We even do sweeps for community events like the Spanish Festival, fireworks displays, Founders Day celebrations and more.

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