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System Operation and Maintenance

SUEZ provides a wide range of operations solutions to help municipalities address the challenges they face. Our comprehensive operation and maintenance services will place your valued utilities in the hands of experts ready to handle any challenge.
Your challenges
Operating and maintaining a water or wastewater system that’s hundreds of miles long can be a daunting task for most municipalities when they don’t have a dedicated workforce to manage it. Aging infrastructure as well as an aging workforce can make keeping up with efficient operations a challenge.
Our solutions

As the owner and operator of 15 utilities and 70 municipal partnerships across North America, SUEZ has the experience, knowhow and technical capabilities to provide a full range of scalable solutions through public-private partnerships and comprehensive asset management contracts. This allows communities to outsource the management and operation of water or wastewater systems while retaining control, ownership of their assets and rate-setting authority. Our smart utility systems can be integrated and custom tailored to fit the needs of utilities of every size.


Our operations consulting solutions include the following:

  • Performance and change management
  • Finance and rate planning
  • Capital planning and execution
  • Employee transition programs
  • Labor relations


Smart Solutions
SUEZ has combined the latest smart utility applications and the expertise of our operations and maintenance staff along with proven processes, procedures, and lessons learned and risk mitigation strategies to create RapidSMART, an integrated tool that will allow us to deliver 21st century technology to maximize performance of water/wastewater utilities. This advanced, innovative approach to utility management looks beyond traditional SCADA and CMMS systems to provide our operators with predictive analytics to manage more effectively. RapidSMART’s integrated tools provide remote monitoring and control and allow our operators to predict and avoid problems before they occur. We can also evaluate the impact to decisions before they are implemented, minimizing performance risk related to degradation of service.

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