Design, Build and Operate Contracts: Water & Wastewater Systems

SUEZ offers a one-stop solution for designing and upgrading your water and wastewater treatment systems. In a world where environmental regulations are constantly changing and facilities need to adjust, you want to work with a team that can design, build, and help operate your local water treatment plant, as well as make sure that the plant can continue to meet environmental standards.
Your Water Facility challenges
When met with the daunting task of designing and building updates to your water or wastewater treatment system, it can be hard to determine where to start. Finding a team of water infrastructure consultants that can meet the increasingly stringent environmental requirements, as well as design, build and manage the facility in question can be a struggle. Most municipalities are forced to work with three separate DBO contractors in order to complete the service needed, which not only can make a bit of a juggling act in terms of responsibilities, but can inflate the budget by adding upfront costs.
Our Solution: Design, Build & Operate Contracts for Water Treatment Plants & Facilities

Design-Build-Operate contracts are the best of both worlds. While SUEZ takes charge of water treatment system designs, and upgrades the new systems to replace outdated infrastructure, is responsible for constructing the projects, and operates the facility on a day to day basis, the local municipality sets the water rates and maintains jobs for local workers. In functioning as a perfect hybrid of public utilities with private support, a DBO contract allows municipalities to combine infrastructure priorities in a more efficient manner with just one team of water infrastructure consultants. Instead of hiring an engineer, a construction company, and more manpower to manage the facility itself, SUEZ acts as a one-stop-shop to keep the project moving smoothly. We can even spread costs out over a longer period of time, which saves the municipality money in the long run and keeps customer rates from spiking.

DBO contracts offer full maintenance services and assume full risk for the operation. We also manage the water treatment plant operation including workforce, subcontractors, and make sure that the water system is taken care of, taking pressure off the municipality in terms of upkeep and upgrades to infrastructure. 

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