Water Asset Management Programs

SUEZ uses our utility expertise to help municipalities across North America keep their water and wastewater treatment systems running smoothly. Our scalable solutions bring world-class expertise and provide cost effective, safe and reliable water and wastewater management services.
Water Asset Management Challenges

Water Asset Management Challenges


For small and medium-size municipalities and water utilities, the regular maintenance of assets like water tanks, metering systems, and wells may require significant expenses of time and money – especially when these assets break down earlier than expected. To address this problem, SUEZ provides continuous maintenance services to utilities that cover the entire life cycle of an asset.


Aging Water Utility Infrastructure


The critical challenges faced by municipal water systems are already well documented. There are still an estimated 240,000 water main breaks per year in the United States, wasting over 2 trillion gallons of treated drinking water. According to the American Water Works Association, an estimated $1 trillion is necessary to maintain and expand service to meet demands over the next 25 years. The problem has been exacerbated by municipal water systems whose rate structure has long masked the true cost of treating, storing and delivering water – and provided for inadequate water asset management.


Why Do You Need a Water Asset Management Company?


Specialized skills are needed to manage the complexities of water treatment and distribution networks. The institutional knowledge gained from decades of managing a municipal system can be shattered with the departure of key employees. Even without such departures, municipal utilities are typically doing as much as they can just to maintain the system, never mind improving it. That’s where a water asset management company, like SUEZ, offers a distinct advantage. SUEZ continues to build on its global experience in water utility infrastructure management. It will always be available.

Public Asset Management Solutions

Through supporting over 500 different communities across North America, SUEZ has the experience, knowhow and technical capabilities to provide a full range of scalable solutions through comprehensive water utility asset management contracts. This allows communities to outsource the management and operation of water or wastewater systems while retaining control, ownership of their assets and rate-setting authority. Our smart utility infrastructure management systems can be integrated and custom tailored to fit the needs of utilities of every size.


Our water infrastructure asset management services include the following:

  • Customer service: SUEZ provides an efficient and convenient way for customers to make payments, have their questions answered and manage their own water consumption. The SUEZ customer service team provides a full customer service experience.
  • Billing and collections: SUEZ offers everything municipalities need to cost effectively manage their billing process while delivering outstanding customer service. Our solutions can reinforce databases to improve accuracy and initiate immediate action in the event of fraud.
  • Contract operations: Backed by over 150 years of industry experience, SUEZ can maintain water distribution systems of every size. Our highly trained and licensed treatment professionals work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to safeguard water for millions of people across North America.
  • Operational assistance
  • Infrastructure and tank management: SUEZ’ experienced water tank rehabilitation experts can fix any minor issue – coating failure, cracking, pitting, corrosion, and more – or perform major structural water tower repairs to restore your tank to like new condition. Repairing rather than replacing your tank lowers capital investment and increases environmental sustainability.
  • Long-term leases: Long-term lease agreements with Suez North America allows municipalities to retain ownership of water and sewer systems, but also provide significant financial benefits for the community.
  • Asset acquisition: SUEZ has designed our acquisitions program to relieve pressure on local municipalities, while elevating their water distribution and wastewater infrastructure to the level needed to run smoothly and efficiently. With our licensed treatment professionals working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to manage and safeguard your resources, our global experience and technical capabilities can be put to work to serve your local constituents.
  • Design and construction: SUEZ offers a one-stop solution for designing and upgrading your water and wastewater treatment systems. SUEZ teams that can design, build, and help operate your local water treatment plant, as well as make sure that the plant can continue to meet environmental standards.


Through our water and wastewater  asset management partnerships, SUEZ has been awarded many honors for outstanding service, including the following:

  • National Council For Public-Private Partnerships Service Award
  • U.S. Conference of Mayors Outstanding Public-Private Partnership Award
  • New England Water Environment Association George Burke Safety Award
  • California Plant-of-the-Year Award
  • Pennsylvania Water Environment Association Award
  • Michigan Star VPP Award

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