SUEZ' commitment to local territories assumes many different guises and today delivers two forms of innovation, in both technical and contractual terms. SUEZ supports city and municipal authorities in their issues of urban development and attractiveness, but also through new models of governance.


Municipal officials face growing challenges when it comes to managing water systems, including aging infrastructure, growing demand, and increasingly complex regulations. SUEZ North America provides a full range of municipal planning and development support. Specifically, SUEZ offers operations consulting in: Performance and change management, Finance and rate planning, Capital planning and execution, Employee transition programs, and Labor relations.


SUEZ works closely with municipal officials but has the in-house expertise and experience to develop integrated and reliable master plans and lead all projects and project scheduling. This includes the creation of project timeline, standard operation procedures (SOPs) and key performance indicators (KPIs).


Contribute to regions economic development
SUEZ Water & Waste Management Services: What Are You Looking For?

Securing municipal planning and development resources through the complete water and waste cycle

SUEZ North America is part of a global company with global experience. Because of this, we can call upon a deep reservoir of municipal planning and development resources, whether for municipal water treatment, waste management, or resource recovery. These resources include technological know-how and project management expertise that integrates the principles of the Project Management Institute® (PMI), a globally recognized organization dedicated to the project management profession.

Our engineers design innovative water treatment systems using your individual requirements as a blueprint, from simple refurbishments through to completely new facilities. They provide every support in choosing, designing and building your facilities to produce the expected technical performance levels, while taking account of your investments, business model and local legal requirements. We specialize in incorporating existing water treatment processes or designing new processes to guarantee the solution best suited to your requirements:

  • Audit and feasibility - front-end engineering design (FEED)
  • Pilots
  • Process development and design
  • Engineering and procurement
  • Construction and installation
  • Refurbishment and revamping
  • Commissioning

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Municipal Water Management Services

Let’s create tomorrow’s solutions together.

SUEZ is a trusted partner for businesses as we provide a full spectrum of services to help them proactively optimize maintenance, reduce downtime and efficiently use energy and water.
We offer a broad range of technical services, and our expertise and experience spans the entire water, wastewater and resource recovery cycles. This enables us to identify the right solution that is sustainable and deliverable from the beginning of a project. As we operate and maintain a large number of water and wastewater treatment plants across the globe, we are able to complement our technical abilities with our practical operator knowledge.