Your business is under a microscope as never before. Increased urbanization and depleted natural resources have drawn greater public scrutiny in a bid to protect public health and the environment. This is especially true when it comes to the proper management of industrial wastewater and stormwater treatment.
Your challenges

Most industrial wastewater operations providers are in over their heads. Their wastewater pumping stations and networks have been operating for more than half a century and are outdated. Their operators are overburdened, and often they lack the skills and capabilities to operate the complex technology in newer wastewater treatment plants. Moreover, many members of this specialized workforce are retiring, resulting in a loss of collective knowledge.

Businesses need an industrial wastewater treatment partner that can ensure that their stormwater and wastewater solutions meet increasingly stringent requirements. Anything short of that hurts the environment and—as fines are levied and reputations are tarnished—the bottom line. But businesses often struggle to allocate funding for upgrades, which can be quite extensive.

Energy consumption is another of the commercial wastewater industry’s greatest expenses. Treatment of wastewater and stormwater consumes nearly 3 percent of an industrialized nation’s electrical power each year. The cost of energy inefficient wastewater treatment systems is passed along to your business, leaving you to either absorb the cost or pass it along to your consumers. Neither choice is good.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solutions

SUEZ has a better option. As a world leader in smart and sustainable resources, SUEZ and its partners design, build and operate innovative, dynamic wastewater and stormwater management systems for businesses.


SUEZ treatment solutions can be custom tailored to meet your business' needs while protecting water sources, conserving drinking water and easing the demand for scarce water supplies. Our commercial wastewater treatment systems are designed to meet the strictest government regulations, while maximizing efficiencies, technology and energy usage. SUEZ can help optimize existing facilities, establish preventive maintenance plans and provide the right staff to get the job done. Our smart technology and automation conserves precious resources while allowing management duties to be better allocated among team members.


That means, when your business uses wastewater and stormwater services that are designed, built, operated or managed by SUEZ, you know you're doing the best for your business and the best for the environment.