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The true value of water today is largely underestimated. Distribution companies are now confronted with constraints to ensure the efficiency and sustainability of their services: reduced investments, water scarcity, fraud, rationalized consumption, aging IT infrastructure and extremely outdated and manual billing practices. Management processes are a major concern for operators seeking to provide quality service while conserving resources and offsetting the decline in revenues.
Your challenges

All water utilities experience water losses. However, the extent varies from system to system. Unfortunately, most utilities do not regularly account for, or audit, their supplies to quantify these losses or identify the cost burdens the losses place on the system. The cost implications are hidden from utilities and their paying customers, who ultimately end up bearing the financial burden of the utility’s inefficiencies.

Utilities, therefore, must properly audit water supplies and revenue while increasing efficiencies in supply and revenue recovery. This will allow them to better serve their customers, improve their financial standing, and allocate funding to make vital infrastructure upgrades.

Apparent losses consist of unauthorized consumption, including theft and illegal use, as well as inaccuracies associated with production and billing metering. Many authorities are inundated with the following challenges:

  • Production meter inaccuracies
  • Customer billing meter inaccuracies
  • Unauthorized or non-compliant service connections
  • Theft and unauthorized use from fire hydrants
  • Tampered billing meters or reading equipment
  • Data handling errors within the meter or billing systems
Our solutions

Establishing an effective revenue management strategy is essential. Backed by 150 years of industry knowledge and technical expertise, SUEZ can help drinking water distribution companies optimize their revenue management processes, deploying innovative solutions to safeguard revenues and control operational costs. By accurately measuring and invoicing customers’ actual water consumption, we can enable you to minimize costs, limit commercial losses and optimize revenues.

Our range of complementary and adaptable solutions, including monthly meter reading, consumption analytics and audits to uncover conditions where your  revenue  maybe leaking, and can help you meet financial goals by safeguarding revenues and reducing your operating costs. This, in turn, will improve billing accuracy and customer service.

We understand the importance of consumption integrity, and when you work with SUEZ, you can rest assured that all of your customers will be billed equally. We manage all billing processes with a heavy focus on processes and controls to ensure revenue assurance. Our solutions include billing services, collection services, fraud prevention and customer assistance programs.

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