SUEZ and our valued business customers work together to protect our shared natural resources. Water loss—due to aged infrastructure, theft or system inefficiencies—affects your bottom line, as well as the environment. That's why SUEZ regularly re-invests in our distribution network and has the largest digital metering network of any water utility in the country. Efficient water distribution and accurate billing saves your company money and protects our environment.
Industrial Water Loss & Water Revenue Challenges

All industrial water utilities experience water losses. However, the extent varies from system to system. Unfortunately, unlike SUEZ, most businesses do not regularly account for, or audit, their supplies to quantify these losses or identify the cost burdens the losses place on the system. As a result, businesses like yours end up paying more than their fair share, while water scarcity worsens.


That means, if a leaking water main goes unnoticed, or if a business illegally taps into the network or tampers with an older analog meter, you're paying for their water. If you're not a SUEZ customer, the utility that supplies your water is likely inundated with inaccuracies to their production meters, your billing meter, data handling errors, theft, and misuse of fire hydrants.

Industrial Water Revenue Management Solutions

Establishing an effective revenue management strategy for your business is essential. Backed by 150 years of industry knowledge and technical expertise, SUEZ and its industrial drinking water distribution partners efficiently distribute water and accurately measure and invoice customers’ actual water consumption. That's good for your bottom line and good for our shared environment.


Our range of complementary and adaptable water revenue management solutions for your business, including monthly meter reading, consumption analytics and audits to uncover conditions where your water—and your operating costs—may be leaking. All billing processes, whether used by SUEZ or one of its partners, maintains a heavy focus on processes and controls to ensure accuracy.


That's why, as a SUEZ customer, you can rest assured that you will be billed fairly and that you're doing your part to protect our world.