Effective billing and collection systems are critical in safeguarding revenues and controlling operational costs. Many factors must be considered for billing and collection practices to be effective. It is crucial that the technology platform for the Computer Information Systems (CIS) is powerful and running with controls to ensure revenue integrity. Improving these systems can have an immediate impact on your revenue streams, which can, in turn, help improve customer satisfaction.
Your challenges
Municipalities may find themselves faced with issues including outdated billing systems and databases, billing discrepancies, delinquent accounts and fraud — all having a negative impact on your bottom line.
Our solutions

SUEZ offers everything municipalities need to cost effectively manage your billing process while delivering outstanding customer service. Our solutions can reinforce your database to improve accuracy and initiate immediate action in the event of fraud.


In 2017, SUEZ was recognized as the Smart Water Company of the Year at the Global Water Intelligence awards, which included recognition of our Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system. AMI has allowed us to better close the billing gap in the local communities we serve. We have deployed over three million smart water meters globally, with 200,000 of those in the United States. At 1,000 square miles covered across 150 towns and cities we have created the largest smart meter network in the U.S. As a result, we have enjoyed a 38% reduction in water loss and a 5% increase in demand. Our vast experience with major AMI meters, manufacturers and billing vendors allow us to create the most efficient system for each of our clients.


Customer Service & Billing:
SUEZ gathers, analyzes and maintains accurate customer account and consumption information. We ensure that every customer account in the service territory is properly maintained within the CIS system, and promptly investigate any abnormalities. SUEZ can …


• Implement and maintain monthly billing cycles for all customers to provide more accurate water balance calculations by eliminating the need for 12-month rolling average estimates, and better align consumption and production data
• Closely monitor monthly consumption reports and promptly investigate any abnormalities that could result in lost revenues or consumption
• Review Meter Data Management (MDM) System and customer consumption patterns for abnormalities such as zero or negative consumption, or evidence of a tampered customer meter
• Leverage AMI systems, saving time and money by using wireless connections to send meter readings directly to our computers, and can monitor regular usage to help detect leaks and other forms of non-revenue related losses, leading to more accurate readings
• Minimize systematic data handling errors within customer billing operations and consumption reporting processes


Our billing services include the following:

• Payment Options: An array of payment methods, such as lockbox, credit and debit card, ACH, online payments, payment by phone, 24-hour self-service and Fiserv convenient payment locations
• Integrated Voice Response System: An extensive 24-hour self-service phone system that allows customers to obtain account information in both English and Spanish, and process transactions including payments and appointment scheduling
• Multilingual Services: Real-time translation services in the customer’s language of choice
• E-Billing: Electronic billing to replace paper statements
• Billing for services including water, sewer, trash, storm water and other services
• Billing for surcharges, taxes, and other miscellaneous charges such as penalties, connection fees and more
• Supports and calculates simple and complicated rate structures
• Integrates with AMR and AMI Systems as well as other software applications and services that are in the market today
• Reports and analytics of the functional areas of the CIS system