SUEZ has operated and maintained water and wastewater facilities for over 50 years. SUEZ works with businesses across United States and Canada to protect our natural resources by providing environmentally friendly and cost-effective services. From raw water to wastewater, we offer innovative solutions designed to help optimize use and preserve this precious resource for our valued customers and generations to come. Our highly scalable solutions can be custom-tailored to meet any needs.

Why Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance Is Important

  • Critical operation: Routine maintenance of wastewater collection systems prevents the failure of pumps and equipment at critical times. This includes lift stations, valves, headworks, aeration equipment, pumps and other components.
  • Prolong life of assets: Routine water treatment system maintenance can inform asset management plans that help operators plan, prioritize and budget for the repairs. Preventative care is always less expensive than emergency measures.
  • Protect the environment and residents: Communities and regulatory bodies are demanding more stringent regulations for nitrogen and phosphorous levels in water utility operations. Poorly maintained wastewater treatment plants that cannot reliably meet these standards threaten waterway health and quality of life.
  • Stay in compliance: Wastewater lift stations and wastewater plants must be in compliance at all times. Downtime is not a permitted exception.

Why Water Treatment Plant Maintenance Is Important

Consider the benefits of SUEZ’ consistent, ongoing water treatment system maintenance, in accordance with AWWA procedures and ANSI standards:

Get detailed condition assessments: By observing and recording measurable results, such as filter run times, backwash cycles, turbidity analysis, and filter component conditions, appropriate corrective action can be taken before system failure.
Be cost-effective: Preventative maintenance, including chemical cleanings, filter media replacement, concrete and steel rehabilitation, and filter equipment repair extends the life of the plant’s assets. Repairs are more cost-efficient than replacements.
Maintain high water quality: Through well water system maintenance and water treatment plant operation and maintenance, SUEZ can protect your water assets, therefore protecting the health of the community and the environment.

SUEZ Operations & Maintenance Plans

SUEZ offers a complete range of solutions for water utility operations and wastewater treatment systems and operations, including:

  • Performance and change management
  • Finance and rate planning
  • Capital planning and execution
  • Employee transition programs
  • Labor relations consulting
  • RapidSMART integrated tools that deliver risk-mitigation and performance enhancement of water and wastewater systems
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