Going green is a concern on the forefront of many minds. Ideally, we want to strive to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible. This is especially true in terms of water management, where energy consumption can be one of the largest expenses a treatment plant can face. SUEZ has their eye focused on the future, and developing a cleaner, greener future for our customers.
Your challenges
Energy consumption is one of the largest expenses in operating a wastewater treatment plant. Wastewater treatment is estimated to consume 2 - 3% of a developed nation’s electrical power, or approximately 60 twh (terawatt hours) per year. In municipal wastewater treatment, the largest proportion of energy is used in biological treatment, generally in the range of 50 - 60% of plant usage.
Our solutions
SUEZ employs a full range of comprehensive energy management tools and strategies at our utilities and public-private partnerships. We focus on reducing energy consumption by providing innovative treatment processes and ensuring the most-efficient operations of all mechanical and electrical components. Our facility managers and process experts perform regular energy assessments and equipment testing. We seek to optimize operations and rehabilitate or replace equipment so energy savings generate a  quick of investment. These energy-conservation solutions are customized to meet each municipal need, in many cases at low or no cost.

Since 2013, SUEZ has tested over 200 pumps, blowers, and fans. We identify other process-related energy conservation measures through comprehensive energy assessments. Most opportunities identified are low or no cost and we work with our stakeholders to implement those that fit best with our clients’ goals.

These best-practice energy standards were developed through decades of local water operations experience, as well as input from SUEZ water process experts working throughout the world. We also draw on the global resources of SUEZ to identify innovative renewable energy systems to reduce carbon emissions and electric grid demand. By expertly managing energy use, we save our clients money, reduce carbon emissions and improve the overall treatment process efficiency.