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Positively contribute to the future of our planet and its resources

Working at SUEZ means seeking to secure and make available our planet's resources. It means protecting people's security in terms of public health and hygiene with waste collection and sanitation services. It means contributing to the development of regions and businesses. By working at SUEZ, you can contribute to the resource revolution.
Resource revolution

You can have a positive impact on the future of the planet and its resources

Faced with growing urbanization, scarcity of natural resources, the risks of pollution and the challenges of climate change, our mission is to find new avenues throughout the world to complete the resource revolution successfully.

The resource revolution is the ambition to build new models in response to the challenges we face:

  • Developing circular solutions to contribute to economic development that is both profitable and environmentally friendly;
  • Producing alternative resources to address the scarcity of natural resources;
  • Inventing urban services to better meet people's needs;
  • Protecting oceans, rivers and groundwater against any trace of pollution;
  • Promoting sustainable agriculture with low water requirements to help feed the world's population;
  • Supplying countries suffering from water stress with high-quality drinking water.

Joining SUEZ means working for a world leader with nearly 90,000 employees on all five continents.


Working at SUEZ means contributing to the resource revolution.



tons of secondary raw materials returned to market

people supplied with drinking water produced from desalinated seawater



tonnes of waste recovered worldwide

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