Employee development

Career advancement

Lifelong learning never ends.

Expand your skills and develop in your career. Our high-impact learning culture keeps you on your path to success.


SUEZ knows our employees are a fundamental resource, so we’re dedicated to supporting their growth within the company. Employees can access a variety of learning opportunities including innovative core training programs, individual development plans, on-the-job tools and customized solutions to fit their needs.

Leadership development

We provide our managers with training programs to effectively lead and empower their teams.

Delivering outstanding services to over 6.4 million people in North America daily, we know that leadership development leads to engaged teams, and, in turn, satisfied customers.


SUEZ prepares every leader for the future by equipping him or her with the tools, resources and support to motivate and engage the workforce. Leaders benefit from various program topics that allow them to transform themselves, their teams and the business.

Skills development

Come grow with us.

At SUEZ, we take pride in investing in our employees’ continuing education and skill development. Whether you’re out in the field or in one of our offices, you’ll find the tools and resources needed to advance your career and mind. In fact, we exceed our target of 18 training hours per employee every year.


From core training to ongoing education to leadership development and more, our resources set you up for success. Innovative web-based onboarding helps new team members to hit the ground running, while mentoring programs offer employees at every level the opportunity to share critical knowledge and best practices.

Learning recognition

Your growth is important to us, and we know a solid education is vital in today’s business environment.

Likewise, we recognize that balancing your career, continuing education and personal life is no small feat! That’s why our Learning Recognition Program was designed to celebrate our employees’ educational achievements and acknowledge their hard work. From publication in our quarterly newsletters to special certificates to letters of recognition and more, we never miss an opportunity to give employees the kudos they deserve!
Tuition reimbursement

Looking for a rewarding career while staying focused on your education?

We’ve got you covered! Tuition reimbursement is one way SUEZ helps our employees continue to learn and reach new goals. With college costs increasingly on the rise, tuition assistance is now more important than ever. In fact, according to The Center for Education Statistics, he average cost of tuition and fees at a private nonprofit 4-year institution is $33,500.
Our Tuition Reimbursement Policy provides reimbursement of credit or certificate hours satisfactorily completed by an eligible employee, not to exceed the tax-free maximum annual reimbursable amount allowable by the IRS. University fees, lab fees and books are also reimbursable.

Ready to take your professional (and personal) life to the next level?

SUEZ’ workforce mobility program is designed to put you in the middle of the action! As a global organization, we provide mobility opportunities to current employees who are willing to move within North America or across the globe. Employees are exposed to a rich set of development experiences while making a powerful impact in their new locations.

Core mobility benefits may vary based on candidates’ needs. Certain restrictions apply.
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