Engineer I

This position is responsible for researching requirements, developing submittals, and tracking projects primarily in the Bid Department for all lines of business.

Main activities

  • Coordinate closely with the Project Managers and Director’s to develop, submit and track required submittals to perform work.
  • Assist the Engineers in the Bid Work Department to identify qualified subcontractors needed to complete bid estimates.
  • Estimate job costs for bidding purposes.
  • Project management
  • Develop project submittals as required to complete bid work contracts.
  • Work closely with the Lines of Business Product Managers to investigate permitting, licensing, and submittal requirements for work location and project.


  • Entry level engineering role

External corporate relations

Direct interactions with clients & customers

Required experience

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EIT licenses
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Bachelor’s Degree in Civil or Environmental Engineering or similar field preferred


0-2+ years’ Engineering experience

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Engineering best practices

Key skills required

  • Computer Skills – Comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft Office Excel, Word, Powerpoint.
  • Basic Skills in AutoCAD
  • Multitasking - Ability to successfully work on multiple, complex tasks
  • Problem solving – complex and multi-dimensional issues
  • Interpersonal skills – all levels within organization as well as customers, vendors, civic leaders, government agencies
  • Communications skills – Ability to convey message/training clearly and precisely

Possibilities for personal development

  • Engineer 2
  • Engineering Manager
  • Project Manager