Director, Environmental, Health, Safety & Security

The incumbent develops strategic EHSS plan for the divisions and work in close coordination with operations leadership to ensure its implementation thru leadership commitment and employee engagement.


Main activities

  • EHS Leadership: Develops EHSS vision and strategy and work closely with operations leadership to ensure its implementation. Be the catalyst for change thru leadership commitment and employee engagement. Motivate and lead EHS team with energy and enthusiasm for achieving organizational objectives. Remain focused on long term vision while adjusting in response to day to day challenges.
  • Human & Organization Performance:  Develop and implement strategies for strong ownership by business leadership and engaged workforce including Human Performance initiative. Ensure regular field visits by EHS staff for human performance observations (i.e. job-shadow critical tasks/work processes from beginning to end identifying deviations); risk assessment, “pre-accident investigations” and “post job reviews”. Implement controls for Severe Potential Injuries & Fatality (SIF) preventions. Provide leadership and implementation capability for recognizing and overcoming organization limitations to improved compliance and safety performance.
  • Incident Prevention & Management: Lead the implementation of post-accident learning meetings (accident analysis) and ensure controls are in place for seasonal/specific risks. Ensure effective incident management including injury intervention & return to work processes. Works with division organization to bring consistent improvement.
  • EHS Performance Reviews: Steer and monitor EHS assessment & reviews including EHS audits, due diligence, work-site inspections, goal and program setting for the region. Follow-up to ensure identified actions and implemented and effective.
  • Environmental Duties: Lead environmental compliance processes, risk assessment, and development and implementation of preventive measures. This includes ensuring compliance with safe drinking water act, clean water act, NPDES project permit, and bio solids disposal regulations.
  • Division Support: Forecasts, strategizes, formulates and Division’s EHSS programs, and works with direct and indirect reports for efficient implementation. Analyzes incident trends data and implements strategies for continual and sustainable improvement. Provide divisional support to facilitate behavioral changes, risk reductions, and compliance with EHS regulations and policies. Lead implementation of EHS programs thru observations and coaching for improved behaviors. Implement subcontractor safety management including EHS orientation, on-going evaluation, and field observations.
  • Corporate Initiatives: Coordinate implementation of SUEZ initiatives including contract deliverables, fair culture assessments, traffic/vehicle safety, and health initiatives.
  • Training: Develop and coordinate implementation of EHS training program. Monitor and report of compliance status and effectiveness of implementation. Ensure adequate resources are provided for meeting the objectives.
  • Other Duties: Supports business development & due diligence and mobilization and transition of new business. Manage departmental budget and prepare internal as well as external EHS reports. Maintain relationship with other interfaces and technical specialists inside and outside the company.


  • Incumbent plays critical role for development and implementation of SUEZ environment, health and safety (EHSS), and industrial risk programs & policies

External corporate relations

Direct interactions with customers & clients

Required experience

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Legal regulations




Health & Safety


Sales Training

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High School Diploma


Bachelor’s Degree in Sustainability, Industrial Hygiene or related field


10+ years’ Environmental, Health, Safety & Security experience

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Water regulations


Wastewater regulations


EHSS best practices

Key skills required

  • Minimum of 10-years of hands-on experience in utility management, operations and compliance
  • Five years in leadership (Sr. Manager or Director) role preferably with a decentralized workforce
  • Demonstrated experience with implementing change initiative e.g. human performance or other initiative that lead to EHSS excellence
  • Experience in developing and implementing EHSS systems and processes including EHS audits, EHS learning & development, and environmental excellence

Possibilities for personal development

Director, EHS Audit