Director, Business Development

Achieves the profitable growth objectives set by the SVP of Business Development by developing and closing sustainable contracts and acquisitions while respecting the goals and values of SUEZ.

Main activities

  • Create a pipeline of business opportunities by evaluating and identifying business leads and targets within the region.
  • Business opportunities for this region include SUEZ’s business model as well as acquisitions of mid-sized utilities and management and operational services that can be provided from nearby operations (ex. customer service, wholesale water, etc.).
  • Promote SUEZ’s expertise using our portfolio of businesses to expand our footprint by adding services and customers.
  • Create these opportunities by visiting clients, identifying their needs and developing SUEZ’s value proposition.
  • Work closely with senior members of the Corporate Development team as well as senior persons from operating segments, legal, communications, HR and other SUEZ departments to develop differentiated value proposition.
  • Organizes due diligence team to prepare preliminary and final offer.
  • Presents these opportunities to the Corporate Development team as well the Segment and Corporate Committees to obtain their approvals to submit the offer.
  • Make these offers to clients. Work to execute and close the contract as well as to obtain any necessary external approvals.
  • Continually improves the business development processes within the Company to better identify specific client needs.
  • Ensures the compliance of business development practices with the directives of Suez.
  • Assist other Business Development directors to secure opportunities in their regions, if the need arises.
  • Alert Corporate Development management in the case of extraordinary events, new risks, opportunities and requirements.
  • Use the synergies of the SUEZ Group to increase our profitability and capital performance.
  • Promotes the image of SUEZ.


  • The position has a key responsibility for obtaining new contracts for SUEZ

External corporate relations

Direct interactions with customers & clients

Required experience

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Project Management Training


Sales Training

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High School Diploma


Bachelor’s Degree in Management or related field


10+ years’ Business Development experience

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Sales strategy

Key skills required

  • Excellent marketing and client relations skills.
  • Thorough understanding of sales process and strategy.
  • Excellent ability to express himself/herself orally and in writing. 
  • Can articulate complex utility issues to non-technical or legal clients.
  • Ability to originate ideas, comprehend complex concepts and go beyond traditional thinking.
  • Understands business development, possesses ability to synthesize diverse, even contradictory, pieces of information into an integrated picture.
  • Ability to process technical, legal and financial information to arrive at an attractive business proposition.
  • Understands politics, related businesses, and can apply best practices from the same.
  • Professional poise and excellent presentation skills.
  • Team Player.
  • Self-reliant and able to adapt to change.
  • Accepts responsibility and accountability.

Possibilities for personal development

  • VP, Business Development
  • General Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Regional Director