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Innovations in municipal sludge and biosolids treatment have put SUEZ on the forefront of the Resource Revolution. From recovery to disposal and agricultural uses, we are taking steps to refine the wastewater cycle so that all steps continue to provide clean, efficient solutions for all our customers.
Challenges in Municipal Sludge Treatment
The increasing volume of sludge produced by wastewater treatment, in line with population growth and urban development, is a major concern for local authorities and operators. The role of sludge treatment companies in reducing volume and transforming it into recoverable products, whether industrial or municipal sludge management is critical to the environment. However, activated sludge management plants occupy substantial masses of land, are costly to build and operate, and demand an enormous footprint.
Biosolid and Sludge Solutions

Municipal leaders trust SUEZ to help them define and choose optimal sludge treatment and biosolids reuse solutions based on the sludge’s origin, composition and treatment by-products, as well as the sludge’s final destination, whether it will be recycled, recovered or destroyed.


Our solutions, which include sludge thickening, dewatering, digestion, drying and incineration, offer the following benefits:
• Increased dry content
• Long-term stabilization
• Optimal separation of water from matter
• Reduced weight and volume
• Easier recovery and disposal
• Recovery as green energy by generating biogas for beneficial use
• Reduced footprint and operating costs of facilities

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