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Lower maintenance and operation costs with chemical cleaning services

Regular chemical cleaning of important water system infrastructure should be part of every utility’s preventative maintenance program. We use proven, patented NSF-certified technologies to chemically clean the interior of water storage tanks and granular filtration systems with the goal of restoring them to like-new condition. It improves the return on large capital investments and lowers annual O&M costs.

Our solutions

Our filter cleaning and maintenance services range from a one-time media cleaning to the rehabilitation and maintenance of a filter plant. Our goal is to restore your filtration system to its design specifications and lower maintenance and operational costs from excessive backwashing, chemical dosing, or lost production.

Chemical cleaning of filter systems

We use patented NSF-certified technologies to clean the interiors of filtration systems to extend media life, increase filter capacity, and maintain regulatory compliance.


The chemical cleaning of filter media:

  • Reduces detrimental effects from biofilm and inorganic deposits
  • Reduces particle cohesion
  • Improves bed porosity

Chemical cleaning applies to filter media, walls, underdrains, troughs, and equipment. Restoring the filter system to its like new condition is a cost-effective capital improvement.

Replacement of filter materials

If, upon laboratory evaluation, the buildup of inorganic deposits and/or biofilm in your filter is too severe for chemical cleaning to be cost effective, or if existing media is too worn or degraded, we will select and install NSF-certified materials to match your current system specifications.


We use proven, AWWA-approved methods to replace all types of granular media and support gravel, while disposing old materials in a responsible manner.

Value of SUEZ Filter Cleaning and Maintenance Services

  • EXTENDS the service life of your filtration system
  • REDUCES maintenance and operational costs from excessive backwashing, chemical dosing, or lost production.
  • MAINTAINS regulatory compliance of your filtration system
  • INCREASES filter capacity and extends media life
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