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One of the most difficult parts when it comes to water metering is preventing unauthorized usage. SUEZ has been working on sitting on the cutting edge of non-revenue water management to help prevent not only unexpected losses, but also more accurate billing and water rates.
Your challenges

Accurate Meter Readings

There are a number of variables when it comes to determining water meter readings that can result in inaccuracies. Meters also require maintenance and can be tampered with by customers trying to avoid paying a higher rate. Water can also be stolen via unauthorized use of fire hydrants.

Wear and Tear on Equipment

As meters and other infrastructure ages, apparent loss becomes a concern. Old pipes can crack and cause leaks, or burst and water can be lost in the process. Also, as meters get older, readings can become inaccurate. Sensors age, become less sensitive, and can under-read water consumption.

Managing Manpower

Often times, municipalities don’t have the manpower to do regular monthly readings on every meter in their area. Minimal manpower leads often to estimated readings that can lead to losses when water consumption levels vary, or people bypass the system in order to cheat meters that are presumed inactive.

Our solutions

SUEZ strives to avoid non-revenue related losses by applying a strategic metering process to our service areas. We regularly update all the large volume meters in our service areas to meet the latest standards, as well as schedule regular field testing and meter replacement in order to minimize the chances of leaks and inaccurate readings.

We have also introduced AMI or Advanced Metering Infrastructure systems throughout our service areas. These automated meters wirelessly transmit meter data back to our servers in order to not only guarantee accurate usage numbers every month, but also can be leveraged to detect leaks and abnormal usage for customers. With the implementation of this system, we are able to develop tighter controls on meter accuracy and reliability, and additionally reduce data handling errors.

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