SUEZ in the community

Badges for Baseball

In a partnership with the Cal Ripen Sr. Foundation, Badges for Baseball works to promote a better relationship between law enforcement and kids in underserved communities. Our employees along with local law enforcement officers, volunteer to coach local baseball teams, teaching kids valuable lessons in teamwork, communication, respect and leadership.


SUEZ uses their knowledge of water and wastewater management to come to the aid of areas that are facing crisis situations due to natural disasters. From providing relief for the victims of the devastating tsunami in Sumatra in 2004, to helping in the recovery efforts in Haiti in 2011, we’re making a difference when it matters most.

SUEZ Cares

Unexpected financial crises such as job loss, illness or military service can make it hard to stay on top of your day-to day expenses. This nonprofit program is dedicated to helping people who need temporary financial assistance maintain their water service.

Local volunteers

In addition to our national and global initiatives, SUEZ supports our employees and local initiatives—from planting trees along urban streets in Camden, NJ, to raking leaves for senior citizens in Boise, ID, to cleaning the beach in El Segundo, CA.

Educational Content

In addition to community outreach, SUEZ is dedicated to educating communities about the importance of protecting our natural resources. By raising awareness about the challenges ahead, we believe we can create an open and honest conversation that can help us all find ways to make a difference in our daily lives.

SUEZ in the classroom

SUEZ offers water-related programs geared towards children from kindergarten through 8th grade. Our staff will come in to your classroom and share information with your students to help explain the water cycle and conservation with exciting age-appropriate lessons. To schedule your visit email

Activity book for kids

Download this exciting activity book to help educate your students or kids about the water cycle. Download your copy today.

The Water Cycle

The water cycle is a continuous process where water evaporates, returns to the earth as precipitation, and then evaporates again. Use this exciting link to explore and discover how the water cycle affects you every day. Learn more .

Educational Resources

Here are a few partners that are helping to pave the way for change. Use the links below for great resources for students and teachers alike.

Use these links from the United States Environmental Protection Agency to learn more about water and wastewater treatment.

Find important information for teachers and students from Project WET.

Find lesson plans and more from National Geographic.

Explore the water cycle with Water Works Association.

Read about international water and wastewater initiatives.

Learn more about The Water Environment Federation and their global commitment to the environment.

Community & Environment

More than just a utility,
we’re part of the community

In order to build a brighter tomorrow, we have to look for opportunities to help each other today. That’s why SUEZ is dedicated to giving back to the hundreds of communities where we live and work. Because while providing dependable water and waste management services is what we do, it’s not all we do.

SUEZ in the community

Learn more about how SUEZ is giving back every day.

Educational content

SUEZ is dedicated to educating communities about the importance of protecting our natural resources.

Educational resources

Discover some great resources for students and teachers alike.