Working With and For our Communities

Customer Centricity

Every great achievement needs a network of partners. SUEZ is collaborating with external partners to help advance our different projects, but also to build local communities. Our engagement with all of them makes SUEZ a central piece of that ecosystem.

Local Economy

At SUEZ, we aim to contribute to a responsible economy through local community development and a responsible supply chain. SUEZ’ efforts to provide equal opportunities does not stop at the doors of our plants; we aim to include diverse suppliers with which with which we do business. In 2016, we spent more than $22 million on diverse minority-owned businesses, reaching 5.14 percent of our total spend. Thanks to our partnerships with minority businesses on several large capital projects, we were able to exceed our target.

Essential Services

SUEZ aims to promote the access to essential water and sanitation services through in-kind contributions and corporate philanthropy. SUEZ founded Aquassistance in 1994, with the mission of assisting people in need around the world, either for developmental aid or humanitarian emergencies regarding drinking water or wastewater. In North America, SUEZ established its own chapter as part of the global organization. The aim is to partner with international organizations that help people gain access to drinking water or wastewater services, and then send employee volunteers abroad to implement solutions to solve water needs.