Developing Our Workforce

Employee Development

Our employees are our most valuable assets. SUEZ is committed to the development of its workforce. Every investment in our employees is not only an opportunity to increase efficiency, but also to better engage our workforce in our success. In 2016, SUEZ offered over 67,000 training hours to its North American personnel, equivalent to 20.71 hours per employee, which exceeded our objective of 18 hours. We are proud of this achievement, for it illustrates our commitment to developing and retaining highly qualified staff throughout our organization. This training also allows for internal mobility, which enhances staff satisfaction.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of our employees is paramount to the overall success of SUEZ. That’s why we are strongly committed to zero injuries and ensuring that the people who contribute to SUEZ are safe everywhere, at all times.

Equal Opportunities

A“ SUEZ will be the reference company for our industry, recognized for our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We provide an environment that celebrates individual uniqueness and enables all employees to contribute to our success and share in the rewards. We have a strong commitment to promote the diversity of our workforce and ensure equal employment opportunities for all.