Proven Leadership for
Today & Tomorrow

With unparalleled industry experience and a culture built around finding cost-effective, environmentally-sound solutions, SUEZ has become a voice for change in North America and around the globe. Our dedicated executive management team is committed to continuing to bring the highest level of service to the communities, businesses and individuals that rely on us every day, and to being a good neighbor and civic partner in everything we do.

Meet our Leadership Team!

Eric Gernath
Chief Executive Officer
Mathieu Le Bourhis
Chief Financial Officer
Michael Salas
Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer
Marie Waugh
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Rich Henning
Senior Vice President, Communications
Dominique Demessence
President, Environmental Services and Advance Solutions
David Stanton
President, Utility Operations and Federal Services
Andrianne Payson
Senior Vice President & General Counsel
Gary Albertson
Senior Vice President – Business Development
Catherine Ricou
Senior Vice President – Engineering, Technology & Innovation Services