A History of Innovation

Although SUEZ was founded in Paris in the 1800’s, our ties in North America run deep. For almost 200 years we have been working with businesses across multiple industries and municipalities big and small to provide the best water and waste management systems available.

1858 – Ferdinand de Lessep founds the Compagnie universelle du canal de Suez to finance a state-of-the art project to link the Mediterranean Ocean with the Indian Ocean
1869 – Founded as the Hackensack Water Company
1889 — Hackensack Water Company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange
1908 — First use of chlorine in the water supply is used in Jersey City, NJ
1930 — We are the first company to use charcoal filtration
1972 — Clean Water Act Passes, protecting our nation’s waterways from pollution
1974 — Safe Drinking Water Act is passed, making the water supply in the U.S. one of the cleanest and safest in the world
1986 — We introduce automatic water meter reading technology
1989 —  Our ozone filtration plant, the largest in the U.S., is opened
1994 — Merge with General Waterworks Corporation
2000 — Acquired by SUEZ environnement
2007 — Acquire Aquarion Water Company of New York and AOS Operating Company
2008 — Acquire Earth Tech North America Contract Operations and Utility Service Company
2012 — Bayonne, NJ is the first community to leverage our SOLUTIONSsm business model
2014 — Nassau County, NY announces the largest public-private partnership in U.S. history, contracting SUEZ for their wastewater operations
2015 — SUEZ environnement changes its name to SUEZ — to focus on leading the charge in the resource revolution